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Hi. After placing my car enquiry with your service one evening, the next morning my mobile rang and it was a rep from your accredited dealer making the follow up call regarding my enquiry through Dealer Disclosure. I was happy with this quick response, Another happy new car owner here. PS: We have no worries about recommending or using your service again.


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Dealer Disclosure is a comprehensive resource dedicated to finding you the best deal for the lease of a new vehicle—saving you valuable time in the process.

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Dealer Disclosure was founded in 2012 by a team of automotive veterans with more than 20 years’ combined experience. We were as fed-up with the leasing process as many consumers are: pushy salespeople and time-wasting negotiation that favored the dealer over the customer. After thoroughly researching new technology trends and changes in the automotive industry itself, we launched Dealer Disclosure as a platform to deliver value and savings, to consumers nationwide.

Our process doesn’t just save money, but also gives you back the time you would have spent at the dealership haggling over price and features. It’s all about control—yours.

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At Dealer Disclosure, we are proud to be at the forefront of the automotive leasing industry. We know innovation never stops—and we’ll never stop investing in our platform and service, to continue making auto leasing as simple and positive an experience for the consumer as possible. Keep visiting us to see what’s new in our revolutionary approach to auto leasing!

Top Lease Deals searched for on Dealer Disclosure

Mercedes-Benz Lease

This automaker has been renowned for high-performance luxury vehicles for nearly a century, and it’s been a symbol of upper-echelon taste and refinement for almost as long—with no sign of slowing down. The elegant lines of the classic Mercedes-Benz have become iconic, signifying the utmost in refinement. Not just beautiful but beautifully made, Mercedes-Benz cars have led the pack in forward-thinking design and technology, from the use of alternative fuel to cars that can actually drive themselves (assuming the driver will take their hands off the wheel). Mercedes-Benz offers 18 different classes of vehicle, in several body styles including passenger cars, vans, trucks and even buses. New line sin passenger vehicles include the A-Class, which has taken Europe by storm with its smart handling and quick reflexes, and the sturdy performance of the V-Class luxury van (that’s V for “vision,”by the way). Naturally, you can also choose the high-performance SLS-Class, a series of road-hugging, performance-pushing sports cars.

Audi Lease

Audi prides itself on a history of innovation, and its impressive lineup continues that tradition. From setting the standard for lighter, more efficient vehicles to building the first permanent all-wheel drive system designed for passenger vehicles—the quattro®—Audi has focused on “intelligent technology” that anticipates drivers’ needs. Audi’s pioneering milestones have included the development of clean diesel fuel, LED technology in lighting and the use of ultra-lightweight materials and construction methods. Innovations extend to available technologies such as the Audi MMI operating system, with which the driver instinctively manages navigation, entertainment, interior and even ride technology; and Audi connect® with Google Earth™ satellite imagery, which takes GPS to the next level (and then some). Audi vehicles are available in the Performance category and the Diesel and Hybrid category, each with a choice of several body styles: sedan, SUV, crossover, wagon, coupe and convertible. Although suggested MSRP can approach six figures, several models are surprisingly approachable—as low as $29,900 for the A3 sedan. You can also find amazing Audi lease deals during the annual Summer of Audi program that offers special savings on leasing a new vehicle. Not only does the event offer tempting Audi lease deals, but drivers can also take advantage of generous incentive packages.

BMW Lease

There’s a reason this is called “the ultimate driving machine.” With a legendary combination of style and performance, BMW is the automaker that doesn't just tell the world you've arrived, but shows it. And it has many ways to communicate that message: from coupes and convertibles to sedans and wagons and up to SUVs and hybrids. Take your pick of 11 different series, each designed to suit a different driving profile. Looking for a snappy coupe? Try the “road rebels” of the 2 Series. Want the smooth looks of a luxury sedan? The 7 Series may be your style. Want the efficiency of a hybrid without losing youthful looks? You have three to choose from. BMW also offers the top performance of the Z4 roadster series. BMW has a low entry point for those seeking their first taste of luxury; the 2 Series starts at a surprisingly low MSRP of $32,100. There’s no better time to lease a BMW; the automaker offers a collection of BMW lease deals as impressive as its vehicle collection. You'll also find special BMW lease deals for eligible members of the U.S. military and for qualified college graduates who want to start their careers on the right track

Lexus Lease

Lexus was introduced as Toyota’s luxury brand in 1989. It took only two years to become the No. 1 luxury import line in the United States. The brand has stayed on top for several years, not only with supreme styling and engineering but with a luxury approach to customer service. Its slogan, “the pursuit of perfection,” seems to inform everything it does. Lexus owners get attentive customer service and enjoy various perks from the brand’s partnerships, such as special tours of the wine country in Napa Valley, California. Lexus offers 14 models in five body styles: sedan, convertible, SUV, performance and hybrid. Still on the roster are the original LS and ES classes that the company started with in 1989. The full lineup now starts with the IS sedan, a stylish little number with MSRP starting at $36,100; all the way up to the LS hybrid, which offers amazing power (a 5.0-liter engine takes you from 0 to 60 mph in 5.5 seconds) starting at $120,060. (The IS F sport vehicle gets up to speed even faster, 4.6 seconds, with a starting MSRP of $63,600.)